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    2015 - 11 - 04
    产品型号: Ring die for livestock feed
    Ring die is very important part of Livestock & poultry feed ring die pellet machine in the whole manufacturing process.
    2015 - 11 - 04
    产品型号: Ring die for aqua shrimp feed
    FDSP can produce aqua shrimp ring dies with hole patterns to customer specification or manufacture dies to ...
    2015 - 11 - 17
    产品名称: Ring die for sawdust
    产品型号: Ring die for sawdust
    The quality of ring die plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output,also can save much maintenance cost for pellet manufacturers.
    2015 - 11 - 16
    产品名称: Grooved roller shell
    产品型号: Grooved roller shell
    Our Grooved roller can be used either in feed pelleting industry to produce animal feeds or fuel pelleting industry to produce wood pellets
    2015 - 11 - 16
    产品型号: Honeycombed roller shell
    FDSP can also make all kinds of pellet mill roller shells as per customers' drawing.
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    Due to the development of the enterprise and the share reform listingrequirements, the original Liyang Liangyou Pellet Molds Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries have been merged into Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Corp., Ltd., the company sets up a separatepellet molds division, specializing in the research, development, design, production, sales and service of pellet machine molds, machinery parts ,casting and forging.The company has strong hardware support and technical support, broughtthe professionals together in the ring die pellet machine manufacturing with experience for decades, with the company's strong R & D level and manufacturing capabilities, Liangyou pellet mold has become a professionalproduction of service-oriented enterprise thatcan provide feed mold, the fitting for Zhenghang pellet machine, the CPM pellet machine, the UMT pellet machine, the German pellet machine, the Shende pellet machine, the Taiwan pellet machine and various more than 100 kinds of other domestic and imported models.The company is adhering to the business philosophy "sincertity makes trust, quality wins market". with development of advanced concepts, excellent business management and production management team, so that Liangyou Pellet Mould id growing up and making great progress.
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